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Importance of PreSales Handover

Updated: Aug 11

Presales Handover- People Shaking Hands

In the sales process, PreSales is the stage where the sales team along with PreSales team works with the customer(and sometime delivery) to understand their needs and develop a solution. Once the solution has been developed and we have a buy-in from customer, it is important to hand it over to the post-sales team in a clear and concise way. This process is known as PreSales Handover.

PreSales handover is critical because it ensures that the post-sales team has all the information they need to successfully implement the solution. This includes information such as the customer's requirements, the solution's features and benefits, and any installation or training requirements.

As a Presales Manager, I have seen firsthand the importance of a smooth and seamless handover from PreSales to delivery. When this process is done correctly, it ensures the following

  • Positive experience for customer

  • Better understanding of scope for delivery team

  • Better alignment on deliverables and timelines

  • Reduced cost escalations.

There are a few key things that I focus on to ensure a successful handover.

  • First, I make sure that the PreSales team has a deep understanding of the customer requirements. This includes understanding the customer's business goals, their pain points, and their technical environment.

  • Second, I make sure that the delivery team is involved in the PreSales process. This helps to ensure that the delivery team understands the customer's needs and that they are prepared to implement the solution successfully.

  • Third, I will make sure that requirements and proposed solution are documented to the maximum possible extend along with assumptions and all of these are shared with delivery team during handover.

  • Fourth, I provide regular updates to the customer and other stakeholders throughout the handover process. This helps to keep everyone informed of the progress of the project and to address any concerns that they may have.

  • Finally, I will also ensure ongoing support to delivery team post the handover throughout the project period.

The following team members should be there for a Project Handover.

  • Customer

  • Sales Team(If they are involved in account management)

  • PreSales Team

  • Delivery/Post Sales Team

For handover, a document/deck needs to be created and it can be called 'Project Handover Document'. During the handover a walkthrough of this artefact needs to be done and get a buy-in from all stakeholders in the meeting. From a high level, project handover document should have the following.

  • About Customer

  • Business Context of Project

  • Stakeholders(from both ends)

  • Project Scope

  • Agreed Timelines

  • Agreed Budget

  • Project Management Plan

  • Communication Plans

  • Project Governance & Reporting

  • Sign-off Procedures

A successful project handover can contribute a lot in the project success. A success full project will create a satisfied customer who can provide more business.

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