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SEO - The Art Of Taming Websites For Search Performance

Updated: Aug 11

SEO Blocks

With the advent of pandemic, the whole world have moved to Digital. It has become an imperative for organisations to showcase their presence on digital mediums. For an average internet user, search engines are their first touch point. So, it is necessary to make your brand discoverable on search engines.

But, how can you make it happen? You know the answer, Right. Yes, SEO.

SEO is no more a buzz word. It has become a part and parcel of our life. We have optimised our thoughts to generate ideas that can help us to get discovered on search engines. While crafting a piece of content, we now thinks about our target audience, what type of content will be attractive for them, how it should be presented, what kind of keywords to be used etc. This is about an above average internet user who is a business owner or a marketer or someone who has a responsibility related to website.

But there is a larger population who doesn't know about this.

This article is dedicated to people who would like to know about the basics of SEO.

Based on my experience, I have created a small presentation that outlines the concept of SEO. I use to share this in my lectures for students. You can download the PDF file from the link below.

Download PDF • 2.38MB

Snapshot of the presentation is given below.

  • Let's Explore SEO

  • Brief history of search engine

  • Market share of various search engines

  • Benefits and Risks of SEO

  • How search engine delivers results

  • Key terms in SEO

  • Example of an SERP

  • SEO Process

  • Search Strategy Definition

  • Keyword Strategy Definition

  • Concepts of SEO

  • OnPage SEO

  • Technical Aspects

  • Content Aspects

  • OffPage SEO

  • OffPage Aspects

  • Success evaluation

  • Tools you can rely on

  • Let's Write SEO Friendly Content

  • Tips

  • Specified content limits

  • Key Content Tags

  • Examples

  • SEO Exercise

  • How To Choose An SEO Vendor

  • Q&A

I consider SEO as a process that evolves day-by-day. We need to be a constant learner to gain an advantage over SEO. This presentation will help you to have a basic understanding of SEO. You can then refer to the authentic sources available in the internet to understand about SEO in detail.

[Declaration: If any of the content mentioned in the presentation conflicts with the interests/guidelines/copy writes/trademarks of any brands/persons/organisations, please inform the same via an email to m[email protected]. Presentation can be updated to remove the same. ]

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