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Proposal Template - Software Projects - Docx

Updated: Aug 10

If you are looking for a winning proposal structure for Software Projects. Here it is. That too FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

PreSales Proposals with Pen

Crafting a good proposal template is always a challenge for PreSales professionals. It needs to be vary from project to project and customer to customer. The kind of proposal templates for Government and Private sector are different. Similar the one for Software Projects executed in T&M Mode and Fixed Price are different.

The only thing we can do here as PreSales professionals is to create a structure that can be adopted in most of the cases. That's what I usually does. And it's what I have for you.

I'm gonna share with you a standardised template that can be used for Software Development Projects. This can be used for projects like Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Native Application Development, Modernising existing applications etc. For each of these, you will have to add specific information related to that.

This template is not created to be visually appealing. But the focus is on the content structure. I have used minimal styles to make sure that it can be translated to the default template of your organisation.

Note: I have also added few Bonus Tips on the last page. Do refer that as well.

Download DOCX • 192KB

If you would like to learn more about PreSales Processes and the craft of making good proposals, write to me at [email protected] or connect me on LinkedIn.

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