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Paywalls for Media Websites

Updated: Jun 15

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For decades, most of the media websites relied on advertising for revenue generation. When the competition increased, media organizations understand that this game is no longer a viable one. It was not able to meet the expenses with these revenue. This made organizations think about an alternative revenue source.

Generating direct revenue from Users was one option that get identified. To capitalize users on the content, Paywalls were introduced. Content made available only to people who makes payment. Aka a subscription model. Initially people were hesitant to make payments as alternative sources were available. But later when organizations conveyed the value to user, they became interested. Now direct revenue through subscriptions are a main source of revenue for many media websites.

Thinking about following this mode. Yes, there are platforms that can help you. All you have to do is subscribe to them and integrate it to your website.

Here are some of the paywall providers

  • Leaky Paywall (Website Link) Leaky paywall is being recognized as one of the most flexible paywall solutions for publishers. It is equipped with a metered paywall, powerful subscription options, subscriber management, payment gateway integrations etc.

  • Mediapass (Website Link) Odgen Newspapers Inc., CBS, Gate House Media etc uses Mediapass service for enabling paywall in their media website. This platform is also equipped to protect against ad blockers and CPM compression.

  • Laterpay ( Website Link)

Laterpay is a service provider from Munich. They provide options for monetize content by both content creators and publishers.

Interested in paywalls and love to know about strategies to monetize your content, Drop an email to [email protected]

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