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5 questions you should as yourself before building a website

Updated: Aug 11

Website Planning- Paper and Pen

If you are a person who is planning to build a website, you should ask these 5 questions yourself before starting the agency hunt. This will not only save your cost but also your capital expenditure for building the website.

  1. What is the core objective of building the website? Is it branding or lead capturing or content dissemination or digital commerce? The requirements for these 4 cases are distinct. So your first answer is crucial.

  2. Who are you planning to target through your website? What is their persona and what will be their expectations? Understanding your target audience will help you to decide the kind of online experience they should prefer.

  3. Who are your competitors on digital media? Are they of your same scale or higher one? What is their digital strategy? If your competitors are too aggressive on digital media, you will have to devise a unique strategy that will help you to differentiate in the crowd.

  4. What is your brand character? Is it defined? Do you have a brand guideline in place? Websites act as your digital identity. If you have a perfect brand definition and guideline in place, you can demand a good output from the design agency. Or else, you have to keep on improvising their deliverable, which will be a time-consuming process for you and them

  5. At last, will you have to spend money on marketing the website? If so, what is your planned marketing budget? It’s quite usual that business owners will only factor in the cost for developing the website. But the sad fact is that merely building website will not yield results. You will have to invest in marketing. Or else it will be like owning a luxury car and without gas. The core objective will not be met.

If you need a support to gain clarity on your requirement, drop an email to [email protected] for a consulting engagement. I can help you to clear the dark clouds during the initial phase.

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