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Setting The Digital Marketing Context

Like any marketing approach, the success of digital marketing lies in the core strategy. Not all channels or activities can be used by anyone. Depends on the target audience, the channels and the messaging format may change.

For eg: If you are a proud owner of a Gents Wear Showroom, you can use Instagram or Facebook or TikTok for promoting your brand. But if you into Automobile sales, these platforms may not work. You will have to show sponsored content on platforms like Team BHP or Automobile forums. You can even publish an advertorial in the automobile section of news portal.

The marketer who drives campaign should have a clear understanding on the following things

  • What to promote? Is it a product and service?

  • What are the strengths of product/Service?

  • Who will use the product?

  • Where does the target audience come from?

  • What are the characteristics of the target audience?

  • Which all platforms do target audience use?

  • What kind of content will they consume? Images/videos etc.

  • Does the product have a good market presence or do we have to create a brand awareness?

  • What are the key objectives of campaign? Branding/Sales?

The Marketer who drives the campaign should have exposure to the following concepts

  • Digital Branding

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Conversion Optimization of websites

  • Paid advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Native Advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Content Syndication

A right mix of these two can take your business to next level. Confused about how to find a good vendor? Stay tuned for next article.

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