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Digital Marketing For Managers

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Website - Centerpiece of Digital Marketing

There are over 1 billion websites in the world and this number keeps growing every second. The importance of websites can easily be understood from this number. Websites are digital identities that represent a person/business/brand.

Why websites are important in Digital Marketing?
For any campaign that we execute, users usually tend to visit your website to know the details. So its important to keep website update while having campaigns

How can we build websites?
The modern technology allows users to create websites easily as the way we prepare PowerPoint presentation. Even though its always advisable to seek the help of a professional for creating a website, you can also create and publish a website yourself using state of the art website builders like Wix or WordPress.

What is a domain name and why I need it?
Domain names act as your address in the internet. Domain names are unique. No two domain names can become equal. Domain names can be purchased from ICANN authorized registrars like BigRock, Godaddy etc

What is hosting and how is it related to my website?
Web hosting allows us to store our website files in web. Hosting providers allows us to host websites in servers located in data centers. Different types of hosting are available on the web. Depending on the complexity, one has to choose website hosting.

What are the main points to be taken care while building website

  • Your website is your digital identity. So ideally it should communicate the same design language that your brand follows.

  • You should use a standard content management system(Drupal, WordPress, Liferay etc) or a SaaS platform to build your website. This helps in standardizing technology stack

  • Don’t go before low cost providers. Try to find someone who bills reasonable. This helps to ensure quality in output

  • Always provide some ways for customers to reach you. Eg: Contact form, chat etc

  • It’s good to have landing pages for products or services. This helps you to explain it in detail.

How much will it cost to build a website?

  • It can cost from a few thousand dollars to a million dollar depends on the complexity and features

  • Domain, Hosting and SSL certificates will have to renewed yearly

  • Annual maintenance costs can cost upto 10% of build cost

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