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Introduction To Digital Marketing

World of Marketing has been revolving around Digital Marketing for a decade. Digital Marketing has become the new normal. Marketing strategy is incomplete with digital marketing now. Whether its technology dependent business or a brick and mortar business, digital marketing is inevitable.

Even though things are like this, digital marketing is still a challenge for managers. For them, it’s still a Greek. All they can do is rely on the words and promises of their agency. Even though a number of resources are available on the internet for Digital Marketers, there are a very few for managers. Through this article series, I try to describe digital marketing in the language of marketers.

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is not different from marketing. The only differentiator is the channel and the messaging strategy. The main advantage that digital marketing delivers is targeted message delivery and measurability.

Who can use Digital Marketing?
As we are living in a world of technology, any business in this planet can leverage digital marketing.

What Digital Marketing can be used for?
Digital Marketing can be mainly used for 2 purposes

  • Branding

  • Lead Generation

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

  • Targeted message delivery: We can choose who need to see the message and who need not.

  • Measurability : Every penny spend on digital marketing can be measurable, which is not possible on conventional offline media

  • Global Reach: Digital marketing helps your message to reach across geographies.

  • Cost Control: We can easily control the amount we need to spend. Whether it’s one dollar or thousand dollars. We can clearly control our spend.

Before moving towards different digital market activities, lets learn some of the relevant terms in digital marketing.

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